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To create a wiki page, you might encounter many different organisations or even upwork freelancers who are willing to create a wikipedia page in cheapest prices possible. But are all of them reliable? Definitely no. At upwork, what we have usually seen is freelancers who will create your page and take the money but they do not worry if the page will get deleted in future or not. Their only objective is to take that 40-50 dollars and upload the page without any strategic planning or research.

Most of these users have multiple profiles which have been banned by wikipedia because they practically spam it while adding no value to it. We do not do this. If we feel your page can not be created at all, we do not take that up. And if we do take a project up, we ensure that your page goes live and that it stays. This is what we do:

Research and Plan:

We don’t rush into it. We understand the subject, brainstorm on the relevance of it and discuss the subject with the client with various approaches or notability points that can be associated with the subject.

Create a perfect draft

Writing wikipedia page is a different art altogether. We would rather say that writing a good draft helps you win half the battle already. We create perfect drafts which are neutral and adhere to wiki guidelines.

Solid citations

More often than not, clients are themselves not aware of many citations and links that exist on internet. Apart from what we get from clients, we also do our own research and find more links that can help.

Uploading from a good wiki user profile

We use old profiles which have made thousands of edits to ensure that the chances of other editors or users making an objection are relatively less. And even if there are objections, we deal with them upfront.

So don’t think too much if you want that wiki page for yourself. Just get in touch with us and let us help you create your wiki page.

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