How to create a wiki page

If you aspire to make a wikipedia page and looking for an answer on how to create a wiki page – and hence expecting a tutorial on it, we are not going to give you that because that’s fairly simple! What’s not simple is to address the unknowns within the super-set of how to create a wiki page. While many of the established blogs will write this tutorial in an easy step by step way, no one talks about the challenges and why your page can be deleted. So the more relevant question than how to create a wiki page is how to ensure that a page is not deleted.

And to not get deleted, you need to do the following:

Use neutral language for wikipedia writing

DO NOT USE PROMOTIONAL LANGUAGE. It has to be completely neutral and should be written like you are stating facts nonchalantly. For example:

XYZ has won numberable awards including abc, def, ghi …. – WRONG!!

The right way to write this would be:

XYZ has won the following the awards:




Using neutral language is basic and wiki is very sensitive to it. So ensure you are not sounding promotional anywhere since it might mean you are related to the subject.

Don’t send it for approval but publish:

If you are new, you can not publish an article directly. You must submit it for approval. However, if your profile is 4 days old and you have done certain number of edits, you can publish it directly. Chances of page surviving after publishing are more than the chance of page getting approved at first place. Of course, the best way is to have it published by some who has done thousand of edits (We can do that for you for sure).

Make sure you qualify notability and you have enough citations:

Read the notability guidelines and figure out if you are notable. It is ideal to have multiple notable elements related to the subject. For example, being the CEO of a big listed company does make you notable but if that’s all that is, it might still get rejected. However, if you have more memberships, awards and achievements that are valuable, that makes you truly notable.

If you have got these three things sorted, your chances to survive the other editors are much higher. You can always get in touch with us for any kind of guidance.

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