how to create a wikipedia page?

The classic or traditional answer to this question can be found at wikihow itself which gives you a step by step guide on how to create a wikipedia page. It seems pretty simple right?

  1. Create the draft (non promotional)
  2. Provide references
  3. Do some interlinking
  4. Make it live.

That’s practically the answer of how to make a wikipedia page.Since wiki has a visual editor which is as simple as wordpress (even simpler!), creating a wiki page seems to be the simplest job ever. Well, maybe making a wiki page is a simple job but ensuring that no one deletes is not.

Making and maintaining a wiki page is indeed a tough nut to crack. We will tell you why:

Because you might be a novice in wiki universe

In all probabilities, you feel that you or your brand should have a wiki page and hence you are now on a quest to make one. Or your superior has delegated this task and to you and you want to do it on your own, and hence, searching ‘how to create a wikipedia page’. But if you are a novice, you have no strategy or research in place. You don’t know what to write and what not to write in your draft and you simply put up everything and try to make it live! Either it will not get approved or it will be deleted eventually. And deletion is worse than not getting it approved!

Because you don’t have an old profile with thousands of edits

You are a new user. First of all you can not make a page live unless the profile is 4 days old and you have done a certain number of edits. And if you are submitting a page with such a profile, in all probabilities it will not be approved since they are very particular. And even if you get the ability to make the page live and you go and do it, the surveyalance on a new user is much higher. Also, since you have just created one page and that’s all the activity that you have done, it is obvious that there is a conflict of interest and the subject is related to you. Conclusion – Delete!

You don’t know that wiki is more difficult than it seems to be

Heard of orphan tag? We had our first encounter with it in our early days and we realised that while no one talks about it much, it is one of the key barriers to make the page live. And it does make sense. If you are notable, you must be mentioned in wiki already somewhere right? You just can’t appear out of nowhere and claim your notability while no other page on wiki is talking about it. This needs immense research and intellect and at times is a longer process. We have created new pages altogether at times to deal with it!

So that would be our answer to why it is tough to create a wiki page as against to how to create a wikipedia page! Contact us now and we can consult you on how to create one or can create it for you!

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